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Product Listing

We are here to list your product on online market places. We do take care of the product visibility and precise information about the product on e-com portals like Amazon, Flip kart, e-bay etc. We do prepare the inputs to map the product information and the product images for accurate and enhanced way to showcase the products on online market places.



We collect basic information about the product (attributes, specifications etc.) and curate the data to create an easy and ready to integrate file format for listing creation. We create titles, bullet points listing key feature and descriptions for the catalog to convey accurate information to customers. We also enrich the data by adding search and browse keywords which improve discoverability for your products.


Account Management

We are here to assist you in preservingyour account health in green zone. We provide awareness about mandatory business standardsand polices and assist you in maintaining the same. We analyze the market and provide you the advisable report about the product pricing, quality and also endorse a plan to boost your sales. We also handle each and every communication either from the agent or from the buyer to grab every opportunity. We do also provide the reconciliation report to get better understanding of your business. “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”



Google Ads


Sponsored Ads



Website Development

We are here to Launch you on biggest ever market, the online platform. We create an e-com website to make you open for online business. We provide maintenance and security of your data.


App Development

We develop an app for you for android and apple store to make available in each hands.


Website/App Maintainence

We are here to assist you in providing support and maintainence of your product.

We love to sell online at one common place